Obama rallies Dems - Speaks to half empty house

Oh my: The arena where President Obama and Vice President Biden are making their final appeal to Democrats to get out and vote in Tuesday's midterm elections was far from capacity Sunday afternoon.The crowd estimate stands at 8,000 in the arena that seats just over 13,000 and a couple thousand empty seats are visible above the stage where Obama and Biden rallied supporters. The event is the final one in a series of "Moving America Forward" rallies aimed at ginning up enthusiasm with the party's largely deflated base ahead of Tuesday.There have been numerous stories in recent weeks of Obama and/or Biden failing to sell out venues - even failing to fill up fundraisers. One might be tempted to point to lousy advance work by staff - the usual excuse for politicians who can't draw flies.But this is the mighty Obama election machine we're talking about. Could his cadre of advance people have fallen off in quality so quickly? Failing that, the only other answer is that our...(Read Full Post)