New Sheriff in Town

Sometime in the early evening, Tuesday, November 2, 2010, we received confirmation that a tidal wave of new Republican members would be elected of the US House. While not unexpected, there it was, and it is a profound opportunity to restore sanity to governance of the country. Obama himself, said it correctly, "it was a shellacking". Naysayers have already declared this to be "not really a big deal;" business in Washington will continue once the excitement of victory sinks in and the hard work must start. In ordinary times, it would be easy to be cynical and skeptical. The reality of this election tsunami, however, is not the same as past sweeps. With a quick glance at the map of this election outcome, one will be astonished at the Republican/conservative geographic dominance. Aside from some Northeast and Northwest pockets, along with California, it is nearly all red. The key difference from 2010 to other such elections: there is a new sheriff in town, watching...(Read Full Post)