Naked Emperors: How and why the Gingrich Revolution collapsed

Perhaps the next single most important book for Tea Partiers and new members of Congress backed by Tea Parties to read is an objective insider's look at how and why the Gingrich Revolution collapsed.We mustn't repeat that history.Scot Faulkner was brought in during the 104th Congress to be the first Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. He later wrote Naked Emperors: The Failure of the Republican Revolution. He's not a politician, but a private sector strategic planning consultant. As an up-close witness, he chronicled the institutionalized statism, egos, power struggles and personal failings that ultimately spelled doom for the ideals and idealism of the Gingrich Revolution and the Class of 1994.Faulkner details the initial excitement and promise the Gingrich Revolution was to usher in, then how all that deteriorated in the face of internal opposition from old-bull, big-spending, establishment Republicans.Presumptive Speaker John Boehner was a Gingrich...(Read Full Post)