wants their president back - and they can have him

Does America remember the Greek columns, the cheering crowds, the weeping, and the heartfelt emotion of "Yes we can?"  What remains are crumbled columns and the echo of Obama's voice reverberating off the walls of an empty room. The crying continues, but for reasons other than ecstatic joy. On the left, and even in the middle, hope and change has officially morphed into panic and disillusionment. Barack Obama's approval rating has dropped below the dreaded 40%.  The President has slid to a whopping 39%. In order to sink to the depths of George W. Bush's level of national disapproval, obviously more than Tea Party activists are objecting to Obama's job performance. On the right Obama is too liberal, on the left not liberal enough. Just shy of two years in office, left-wing political action group members have been folded into a throng consisting largely of dissatisfied right-wingers. Apparently, MoveOn wants their "progressive president...(Read Full Post)