'Moderate' Indian Sharia in Action

Indian Islam is often touted as a paragon of liberal, enlightened Islamic modernism. Pace this trope, Indian journalist par excellence Arun Shourie observed in his brilliant 1995 analysis, The World of Fatwas or the Shariah in Action, the stultifying and dangerous living legacy of the Islamic doctrine being imparted by the orthodox Muslim religious establishment of his native India, and repeated throughout the Muslim world. Shourie catalogued and summarized the endless outpouring of absurd, discriminatory, and belligerent fatwas -- formal Islamic legal rulings compatible with the Muslim creed's totalitarian "divine" law, or Sharia -- issued by India's most respected Islamic teaching institutions, and covering the gamut of an individual Muslim's, and the Muslim community's, daily life.It is of the very essence of a totalitarian ideology that it enforces its right to regulate the totality of life. The Koran, the Hadith, the fatwas represent one continuous endeavor in this...(Read Full Post)