Jerry Brown and the Flat Tax

Will Jerry Brown push his 1992 Presidential Campaign Idea? I hope so.No, this publication hasn't accidently reposted an article from Newsweek or The Nation.In his recent book "Broke," Glenn Beck uncovered this nugget in Chapter 20, P. 345-6:"In 1992, while he was running for president, former California governor Jerry Brown came out with a flat tax. Brown was no supply-sider, but he saw that special interests had created huge loopholes in the tax code and that the tax code was too complex."Amazingly, in 1992, Brown met with conservative economist Arthur Laffer to craft a 13 percent flat tax. Even more amazing was the fact that the New York Times and the New Republic endorsed it.  I guess if a Democrat favors a program, it automatically loses its "Party of the Rich" negative taint and becomes...well...Democratic.In light of California's economic woes, this topic came up again in a February 2010 article discussing Brown's then-possible run for the...(Read Full Post)