Gridlock is good

To butcher Gordon Gekko's famous quotation, "Gridlock is good. Gridlock is right. Gridlock works. Gridlock -- mark my words -- will save the USA." This is so, at least compared to the alternative of more "progressivism" and its offshoots, out-of-control spending and an assault on liberty.In a Reuters article published yesterday titled "Obama: US can't afford two years of gridlock," President Obama is quoted having said:"We can't spend the next two years mired in gridlock. Other countries like China aren't standing still so we can't stand still either. We've got to move forward."Obama, like fellow-traveler Harry Reid, is in denial. As Wall Street and most everyone but the 22% of voters who describe themselves as liberals understands: gridlock works. It's the Obama agenda we can't afford.The vast majority of the electorate doesn't want politicians to get along. We want the multi-thousand-page money-wasting wheels of the federal government to grind...(Read Full Post)