Graph for the Day for November 5, 2010

"Hello, everybody.  I just want to make a few quick remarks to expand on some things that I said yesterday.  Obviously Tuesday was a big election.  I congratulated the Republicans and consoled some of our Democratic friends about the results... I'm going to be leaving tomorrow for India..."  President Obama, November 4, 2010.

2010 Post-Election US House of Representatives

(Blue = Democrat.  Red = Republican.  Striped = new gain.)

2010 Post-Election Party Control of State Legislatures

Sources:  New York Times and  National Conference of State Legislatures.  HT: AoSHQ.

Hoven's Index for August 5, 2010

Number of seats in state legislatures picked up by Republicans in 2010:  680

In 1994:  472

Previous record gain (by Democrats in 1974):  628

Republican gains in state house chambers in 2010:  14

States in which GOP will control both houses:  26

Source:  National Journal.  HT: AoSHQ.

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