Funny business in CT governor's race

Hey guys! Lookee what I found!

In what has become one of the stranger twists in an already bizarre Governor's race, a bag of uncounted ballots was found in Bridgeport Thursday night.

Republican officials were approached by Democratic operatives and told about the surprise ballot bag, according to Bridgeport GOP Chairman Marc Delmonico.

"It adds to the inconsistencies from the Democratic Party in Bridgeport. It just keeps adding to it," said Delmonico. "There's nothing odd about it; there's certainly nothing missing about it," said Ed Maley, a representative for the Democratic Party.

Delmonico said Democrats asked to have several people deputized to count the uncounted ballots, but Republicans objected, claiming that wasn't proper procedure in the vote-counting process.

Democrats like to keep counting - and counting - and then count some more - until their candidate pulls ahead. Then suddenly, the counting must stop and a winner declared.

It is no doubt coincidence that every close statewide race that has either been called in the last 24 hours or is still open is experiencing problems in counting ballots in urban areas friendly to Democrats. This is true in Washington state, in Oregon, and now Connecticut. In both Oregon and Washington, however, there were other areas with slow ballot totals - some of them Republican. But Connecticut appears to be a different story.

Why do these urban precincts have so much trouble adding up the totals?

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