Did You Know There is Something Called the Federal Salary Council?

The Federal Salary Council is one of those obscure federal agencies that operates behind the scenes and performs a vital role. In this case, recommending raises for federal employees that are supposed to ensure that government salaries for workers in particular areas are comparable to private pay salaries in the same  areas. From the Washington Post:The nine-member council meets at least twice a year to determine locality pay, recommend raises for the president to put in his budget, and devise a "salary gap" between feds and employees in the private sector doing similar jobs. Outside experts in labor relations, unions and the executive branch are represented. This should surprise few people: the board is stacked with those who will push for higher raises. Barack Obama has just appointed or renewed the appointment of 5 members, all  whom presumably will support higher salaries. Among the nine members are three academics and six representatives of federal labor...(Read Full Post)