Climate Alarmism at the New York Times

The New York Times editorial page has been persistent in publishing alarmist editorials on climate change.  The latest one appearing shortly before the November elections accused politicians of being in "denial" about climate change.  What nonsense!  Climate is changing all the time; it has been doing it for millions of years -- without any human intervention.  And politicians are simply trying to stay in step with the public.There is no credible evidence at all that human activities have had any appreciable influence on global climate changes during the last century.  While many scientists still believe in a major human contribution, the number of skeptical scientists has been growing steadily as the evidence against AGW [anthropogenic global warming] becomes ever more apparent. Just ask yourself: what evidence is there to indicate that any warming over the last century is due to human influences?  Not even the UN- supported IPCC has been able...(Read Full Post)