After the Party's Over, A Dose of Reality

Tea Partiers and other activists should savor their historic victory Tuesday night. They worked very hard on a grassroots level to capture the House, throwing a monkey wrench in Obama's plans to "transform" America into a European-socialist nationBut they should not delude themselves into thinking that they have driven a stake into the heart of the leftist vampire that the Democratic Party has become. The real result of Tuesday's election was not so much a nationwide repudiation of Obama's leftism as a return to the status quo ante -- that is, the status quo prior to the abnormal Democratic Blue Dog victories of 2006 and 2008.In 2006 and 2008, voters -- weary of 12 years of the Bush dynasty in the White House and tired of George W's oratorical malpractice -- succumbed to Democratic propaganda and swept Blue Dog conservative Democrats into office. Voters soon found that Obama's eloquent demagoguery was a pack of lies, but it was too late: Speaker Nancy Pelosi managed to use...(Read Full Post)