A Dog's Warning to America

For those Americans champing at the bit to have Big Brother administer healthcare, it might be wise to consider this: "If Target isn't safe, nobody is." Target was the famous pooch that saved the lives of 50 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. The dog "helped scare a suicide bomber who showed up at a base wearing 25 lbs of explosives, barking at and biting the terrorist. Target was hailed a hero... treated by medics as though she was a soldier."  Target survived IED explosions and the Taliban.  However, surviving a local government employee was an insurmountable challenge even a canine war heroine couldn't win.  Target was mistakenly euthanized.Although the guilty employee is on administrative leave after unintentionally putting Target to sleep, unfortunately the dog that managed to make it to America from war-torn Afghanistan won't be returning home from doggy heaven any time soon.Ruth Stalter, director of the Animal Care and Control Center explained:...(Read Full Post)