Why is Ohio Dem Hanging with Islamic Extremists?

One of the most promising Republican candidates is Josh Mandel, Iraq War veteran (and Marine) who is running for Treasurer of Ohio.His opponent, incumbent Kevin Boyce, has not only made a mess out the current finances of Ohio taxpayers but has all but turned over the day to day running of the Treasury to Deputy Treasurer Amer Ahmad who, in the words of journalist Joel Mowbray, has a "habit of hanging around people who are well-known for ties to Islamic radicals and terrorists". Though Boyce's name may be the one on the ballot, Ahmad has been running the department and will continue to do so if Boyce wins.And that could be trouble.Joel Mowbray, writing at Townhall:According to an FBI affidavit, Amana's co-founder Mirza was paymaster for an Islamic charity that funneled millions to Hamas. Mirza signed at least three checks totaling over $300,000 from the account of Safa Trust, which were given to the Holy Land Foundation. HLF was eventually shut down for supporting Hamas, and...(Read Full Post)