'Undercover' Democrats

Just when you thought those wily Democrats had pulled off every last dirty trick, demagogued or impugned every single opposition group, and lied every damnable lie, up pop the Massachusetts Undercover Democrats to lower the bar further still. With some spiffy reporting from Michael Graham, the Boston Herald unmasks a pair of incumbent Democrat candidates for state office who have been sending out campaign material suggesting that they are fresh faces from a party to be named later.Using mailers provided by SEIU (who else?), Karen Spilka and Geraldo Alicea, both incumbents, suggest that they are new office seekers. No word yet on how many other Massachusetts Democrats are employing the same misleading tactics. Spilka's mailer, for instance, states that As our next state senator, Karen Spilka will protect and create good jobs, etc. etc. Is it possible to be both the current senator and the next senator? Apparently incumbent Democrat Senator Spilka thinks so. When asked about this...(Read Full Post)