Those German Terrorists

A recent headline in the news announced the death of eight German Islamic militants in Pakistan as a result of a US drone strike.  This news has begun to force the Germans to at last awake from their decades long slumber and understand the reality that Germany is a major recruiting ground for Islamic extremists.These deaths have coincided with various alerts issued by United States, Great Britain and France about possible terrorist attacks in Europe.  The German authorities have now conceded that over 100 (no doubt many more) Muslims who grew up in Germany have travelled to terrorism training camps in the tribal region of Pakistan in recent years, and that many of them have returned.In an awkward concession, the head of Germany's police federation, Konrad Freiberg said: "An increasing number of people have traveled from Germany to the training camps there -- and many of them returned and are living here".  Mr. Freiberg further stated: "We have to...(Read Full Post)