'Tax the Rich, Not the Workers' Makes My Blood Boil!

The bumper sticker "Tax the Rich, Not the Workers" epitomizes what is presently wrong with America. Consider what is behind these six words and see if you like it."Tax the Rich, Not the Workers," by the implied contrast, suggests that the rich do not work and that workers are not rich. Consider the following super-rich people: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jack Welch (GE), Fred Smith (FedEx), Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Donna Karan and Michael Jordan. Next consider the merely rich (who make over $100,000 per year) and whose names are not common knowledge: Billy Haas (a college classmate now running for Congress), the surgeon who operated on your mother, your accountant, the owner of your local McDonald's and the chef at your favorite fancy restaurant. Who among these people does not work very hard?In fact, the vast majority of rich and super-rich people started out with little, worked hard and long, had some luck, and went from [poor] worker to rich [worker]. THAT...(Read Full Post)