More Egg on Dem Faces

Almost a month ago AT posted my piece on the ineptitude of the Dems when they attacked New Mexico Republican gubernatorial candidate, Susan Martinez, with an NEA funded television ad featuring schoolteacher, Freda Trujillo, speaking out against Martinez. The Martinez campaign quickly responded with an ad of their own showing that the featured teacher wasn't exactly an objective attestant; Martinez had prosecuted Trujillo's ex-husband, Jesus Carmona, who was now serving time for kidnapping as a result of Martinez' prosecution. The Democrats then feigned outrage at Martinez for bullying the innocent teacher who had supposedly supported the jailing of her ex and was, according to their version, a blameless victim. But now, courtesy of The Weekly Standard, we learn that the Dem's blameless schoolmarm is anything but. To the contrary, we see a letter written by Trujillo to the judge seeking leniency for her ex-husband. But what really leaves egg on a lot of Democrat faces is the...(Read Full Post)