Meek goes under the bus; whither black America?

It took American blacks decades of effort and stalwarts like Rosa Parks to get them out of the back of the bus that Southern Democrats had so long and desperately tried to keep them in. In an Alice in Wonderland reversal of reality, American blacks have forever after given their total allegiance to that same Democratic party that so long held them in thrall.

Update to Election 2010 and here we have Mr. Democrat, himself, the silver-haired spinmeister, William Jefferson Clinton, going down South to throw a black congressman, Kendrick Meek, who is a candidate for US senator in Florida, right under the wheels of that infamous Obama/Democratic bus.

Yeah, you got it; Clinton, as party patriarch, tried to talk a talented young black congressman into dropping out of the race so an amoral, unprincipled, opportunist like Florida governor, Charlie Crist will have a fighting chance against Republican wunderkind, Marco Rubio.

Why would that be you may ask?

Well how about the idea that the Democratic Party is scared witless that a bright, handsome, young, articulate, super-achiever from a working class background, who just happens to be Hispanic and conservative, is scaring the hell out of them on the national level. The chance that a charismatic Rubio could ignite that vein of inherent conservatism that runs deeply through most Hispanic voters, just scares the living hell out of Democrats who have so long been confident that they could keep the Hispanic voting bloc subservient and satisfied with minimum wages with Democrats continually fueling the fires of class envy and racial warfare.

So, what do we see here? How about Democratic cynicism in full bloom, applied in its most brutal and direct form wherein a talented young black politician's presence in the senatorial race could permit a more talented Hispanic to win that race? Not a problem; call in Bill Clinton, the waking, working, walking version of that black deity, Jack Kennedy, to smoothly ease that young black man out of the way so a duplicitous, opportunistic slick operator like Charlie Crist, who just happens to have spent his entire political career as a Republican, can go to Washington and sell his vote to the party which bids the highest.

Black Americans, you should be insulted beyond belief. You should also wake up and realize you are only friends of the Democratic party to the extent you are useful to them.

Wake up; please wake up...