A genuine rally of sanity and/or fear

Wow! I'm impressed at their power! Their ability to see into the future! Their warped, unexpected humor. Their planning.

Yes, just in time for Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Support Sanity/Fear respectively, an ongoing incident supporting fear and/or sanity is unfolding--the reported discovery of suspicious packages containing explosive material originating in parts of the Arab-Muslim world - Yemen - supposedly addressed to a synagogue and another Jewish institution in the Chicago area.

Personally I think Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Stewart is absolutely brilliant; drawing unexpected--and numerous--laughs (from me anyway) with wit, creativity, subtlety and absolute cleverness. While I don't find Colbert's show quite as good, I do enjoy it.

And so, while I had absolutely no intention of traipsing off to Washington for their sure to be a lot of fun get together just oh so coincidentally scheduled prior to the election and naturally Halloween, I did follow their preparations on the show.

Oh! New thought--they coordinated with the Arabs on the date of this incident! Hmmm. Nah! Stewart is Jewish.

Of course, elements of political correctness crept into their planning, negated now by reality. Colbert, who is ostensibly responsible for the rally's fear section, on Wednesday hosted a genuine diverse Fear for All panel containing

A gay editor, a Mexican guy, an imam, a grizzly coddler and a possible robot scare the crap out of Stephen.

For some reason, the website neglected to mention a representative from terror supporters Code Pink also appeared.

On Thursday, on Fear of All panel's Part 2 meeting

Stephen knows that Muslims feel anger and gay people are often very sad, but he isn't sure about bears.

And to think the Muslims will feel anger because people will now feel suspicious towards them, even anger, even hate because of this latest incident or because a Muslim, otherwise known as a Northern Virginia man, planned  to blow up a Washington subway during rush hour for maximum damage or a Connecticut Muslim planned to explode a bomb in Times Square or...

Yeah, like me, they're all angry at Obamacare not Jews or Americans.

Meanwhile, while the ralliers rallied, all the synagogue services and other usual events on Friday night and Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, continued as planned despite an FBI warning.

The intended victims, Jews, were not supposed to be angry because that's racism.