Kidnapped aid worker killed during rescue attempt by U.S. troops

Just before dawn on Saturday, U.S. forces supported by Afghan soldiers moved in on a mud-walled Taliban compound in the bloody Korengal Valley of Kunar province in Afghanistan. The troops were on a mission to rescue British aid worker Linda Norgrove when Taliban insurgents opened fire. After a 30 minute firefight U.S. troops reached the hut where the aid worker was being held, however as rescue seemed imminent one of her captors exploded a suicide vest killing himself and fatally wounding Miss Norgrove.   The UK Daily Mail reports that.   The raid was sanctioned after intelligence reports suggested the aid worker was about to be moved from the mountainous stronghold of Kunar province in north-eastern Afghanistan.   A senior security source said: ‘It was clear from very early on that the level of threat was very high that she would be moved from the very bad people who were holding her to even worse people across the border in Pakistan. The last thing...(Read Full Post)