Jihad in Bulgaria - Again

Jihadists are threatening Bulgaria, a nation that might seem an odd target -- unless you know your history, for Bulgaria is a former Ottoman Muslim colony. Given the predictable self-loathing reaction of Bulgaria's leftist media, it is well past overdue for such uninformed ignorami to understand what the yoke of the Sharia inflicted upon their noble ancestors. Bistra Tsvetkova [Cvetkova] (1926-1982) was a Bulgarian-born scholar who studied in Sofia, Cairo, and Paris, before obtaining her PhD from Leningrad University in 1972. Her doctoral thesis analyzed the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans during the early fifteenth century. Dr. Tesvetkova became a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1952, and a professor at Sofia University, and concurrently, director of the Commission on Ottoman-Turkish source materials in 1972. The Universite de Strasbourg conferred upon her an honorary degree in 1981. Tsvetkova's major work, Les Institutions Ottomanes en Europe was published in 1978....(Read Full Post)