Is New Mexico turning purple?

The coming electoral cataclysm may be of even greater magnitude than even Dick Morris is predicting. In a heavily Democrat state that went overwhelmingly for Obama and elected a solid Democrat congressional delegation two years ago, even some in the mainstream media appear to be getting the message. Last week the Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico's flagship rag, first issued a stunning endorsement of all three Republican congressional candidates, mildly admonishing the Democrat incumbents. A day later, the Journal endorsed Susana Martinez, the Republican candidate for governor and thoroughly rebuked her Democrat opponent, Lieutenant Governor, Diane Denish, for her go-along to get-along policy toward her boss for the past eight years, corruptocrat Governor, Bill Richardson. Martinez looks to be putting Denish away comfortably and the other races are closing up as the election approaches. For those of you thinking, "Big deal," I can tell you this is indeed a big deal in a...(Read Full Post)