Government by Favoritism

ObamaCare is an even bigger disaster for America than previously suspected, going beyond merely wrecking the health care sector. It is changing the rule of law, the sacred principle of our political economy, into rule by government favor.One of the many poorly-conceived provisions of ObamaCare was one mandating the percentage of premium income which would have to be spent on medical expenses. This had the effect of making it impossible to offer low cost plans to lower wage workers. When it became known McDonald's would drop a health coverage option for tens of thousands of its workers, ObamaCare advocates, who had bought the propaganda that "you will be able to keep your existing plan if you're happy with it", were seriously embarrassed.Now, Bloomberg brings us the news that thirty companies and organizations have been granted a one year exemption from the rule which would have forced them to drop coverage. McDonald's and Jack-in-the-Box are the most names, but the biggest...(Read Full Post)