Goodies for artists buried in Obamacare

Nancy Pelosi told us we would have to "pass the bill so we can know what's in it" -- and indeed she was right. Apparently, bending the cost curve down on health care costs includes student loan forgiveness for certain members of the arts community. See this stunning entry from my wife's copy of the latest "Watercolor Artist" magazine. (no online version available that we know of). This one little program wreaks of redistribution, social engineering and bribing folks to avoid the free enterprise system all under the guise of making health care available to everyone.From the October 2010 edition, pg 13, in it's entirety:NEWS FLASH: Student Loan Forgiveness for the ArtsGood news for those who work in the nonprofit or public arts and still carry student loans or employ those who might. Some of your debt might be eligible to be "forgiven" by the government. Under the health care reform legislation passed in February in the United States, the Public Service...(Read Full Post)