Defund the Democrats' agenda

Jesse Unruh is reputed to have said that "money is the Mother's milk of politics." For many years, Unruh was one of the most powerful Democrats in the State of California. He was the Speaker of the California State Assembly and for a time was the California State Treasurer. As a Democrat, he had a keen understanding of how money is used to fund political agendas. He understood that every political program depends for its success on the money funneled into the program. That is what gets people engaged, and that is what keeps them engaged. But the corollary to Unruh's political wisdom is that cutting off the flow of money used to support a political program results in the death of the program. People need to eat, and that means they need to work. As soon as the money stops for the work they are doing, they must find other work to do. This applies to the private sector, and it applies to the public sector as well. Thus, people working in the federal government to implement the...(Read Full Post)