Why burn the entire Koran?

It seems to me that the church in Gainesville planning to burn Korans on 9/11 is making a big mistake. They have been denounced as stupid, insensitive, and crude, and these criticisms are correct. But if one accepts that it is OK to destroy holy texts (the US destroyed Holy Bibles in Afghanistan, after all), and the demonstrators want to make a point, they should confine themselves to burning only those parts of the Koran that are hateful to other religions or to infidels in general, or those chapters that instruct how infidels are worthy only of being converted, enslaved or killed. They could burn just those pages that command all Muslims to wage jihad, killing the infidel wherever he can be found, by whatever means available, in order to further Islam's goal of world domination. Or the parts that order Muslims to kill any fellow Muslim who renounces Islam.Oh, and they could also burn those parts of the Koran which dictate a particular hatred for Jews, calling them pigs and monkeys....(Read Full Post)