We have a long way to go in correcting the liberal Senate

Mark Levin is one of the most articulate conservatives, and is showing lots of people the importance of being fearless about having principles. He was ahead of the curve on Christine O'Donnell. He's ahead of the curve on most things these days, including his disdain for spineless Republicans especially now that American is on the brink.

In an interview on Washington's WMAL this morning (the same station that broadcasts his radio show), he made a great point. I'll explain it far less skillfully than his perfect clarity.

If Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and even Christine O'Donnell were to win their general elections, conservatives will have added six 'outsiders.'  I wouldn't classify former Congressman Pat Toomey, another conservative, as an outsider, for he is a veteran of the House of Representatives, but he would make seven ‘constitutional conservative,' tea-party backed new senators.

Look at the current composition of the Senate. Does that composition reflect America? Heck no. Compared to America, the Senate is slanted very far to the left, and even most of the Republicans are establishment types. America is far more center-right than the Senate.

So, if we end up with, say, 10 or 12 real conservatives in the Senate (DeMint, Coburn already are conservative leaders) out of 100, that's not a radical change. Conservatives, who are the mainstream in America, are still grossly under-represented.

So, as Levin explained, there's an over-reaction to the tea party impact on the Republican primaries, and hopefully, the general election. This isn't some ‘extreme' or radical change. We haven't even corrected an imbalance if all the chips fall our way in November.

Plus, as Levin said, what's extreme about members of Congress at least consulting the Constitution before acting (even if conservatives don't always agree on interpretation)?

Read his books. Listen to his show. He makes it all very clear.
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