Democrat Alderwoman hits poll worker with car

As the nation turns against them, more and more Democrats are going nuts, behaving in bizarre, and sometimes violent ways. Milwaukee television station WTMJ reports:

Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs hit a poll worker with her car Tuesday after what is described as a heated argument over results.

"She was out of line, she was very demanding," said Jennifer Hunt-Evans, a poll worker who watched the Alderwoman get into an argument with the Chief Inspector at the polling place where she was working.

According to the report, the Milwaukee Election Commissioner stated that the alderwoman demanded information from poll workers on the results of her cousin Elizabeth Coggs's race for the State legislature,  and they failed to satisfy her demands.

WISN TV elaborates:

Hunt-Evans said the inspector gave the women some election tallies, but Coggs kept demanding numbers for other races. The inspector told her he'd given her all he could.

"She wasn't willing to accept no for an answer. It got to the point where he said he's calling the police. He started leading them out. We stayed in. Next thing we know, he's on the ground. Nobody can seem to know what happened. It's his word against theirs," Evans said.

Milele Coggs represents Milwaukee's sixth aldermanic district. She came from a political family. Her cousins Elizabeth Coggs and Leon Young vied for seats in the Legislature in Tuesday's primary election. Another cousin, state Sen. Spencer Coggs, lost his bid for lieutenant governor.

The news reports don't identify her political affiliation, so we know she must be a Democrat. In fact, she is from a large family of Democrat office holders in Wisconsin. From Elizabeth Coggs' campaign website:

 I continue the legacy of politics as a family tradition. My dad, Isaac N. Coggs, was one of the first African-Americans elected to the State Legislature in 1952 and the Milwaukee County Board in 1964. My mom Marcia P. Coggs was the first African-American woman elected to the Wisconsin State Legislature in 1976. I wonder if my dad ever envisioned the legacy he started in 1952; we are more than likely the only family who has a representative in four levels of government and whose family has given over 100 years of representation in government. My cousins State Senator Spencer Coggs, State Representative Leon Young and Alderwoman Milele Coggs stand in full support of my candidacy for the seat of Wisconsin State Representative-10th District.

Alderwoman Milel Coggs also has friends at the national level.

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