'They talk about me like a dog'

The most thin-skinned, whiny, name-calling and weak President EVER. We see the true character and personality in gaffes - when he is not plugged into the teleprompter or reading off the prepared remarks. And Congresswoman Gwen Moore D-Wisconsin) could use a grammar lesson.When on a campaign tour in Wisconsin , he tried to rev up his union base by...of course, attacking the GOP as the source of all evil - and it got personal, reports Politico: More telling, Obama offered an aside that spoke to his diminished state and captured the mood of a president and party under assault."They talk about me like a dog," Obama said with a chuckle of his political opponents. "That's not in my prepared remarks but it's true."Also true: casting himself as somebody taking a lot of flack in front of a supportive crowd could engender sympathy and fire up his lethargic, downcast base. Other speakers also alluded to the energy on the right and, implicitly, how the president has become a...(Read Full Post)