The New O Word is 'obsolete'

This week was the turning point when the Republican establishment finally "got it." 

The Tea Party is going to make a difference; they are going to change political lives as has not been seen in a generation.  An entire class of Republicans, many still in Congress, is obsolete.

Obsolete has no modifiers.  You are obsolete or you are not.  You cannot be partially hip to a new way of thinking, a new way of doing things.  Because it is so binary -- you are or you are not, so many Republicans are in a frenzy of -- well, modification.

Take Karl Rove.  Just days ago, he was stunned his "moderate" pal Rep. Castle did not just lose, he was swamped.  Rove, who brought us the "compassionate conservative" nonsense where Republicans spent like Democrats, leading to Obama, led the emotional criticism of Christine O'Donnell.

Where was that passion when George Bush was president  and all we heard was the "new tone."  The new tone where Bush met the Democrats in the middle (of the left,) and when he was criticized for not going totally left, he sat silent, a person who wanted to change the dialogue in Washington.

Well, Karl and George did not change any dialogue in Washington.  Christine and Sarah did.

Obsolete happens in every part of our lives.  One of the most consistent reactions to becoming obsolete is total denial.  "I am relevant; I am part of the argument."

Well this week, after Rove made his very regrettable comments on Christine O'Donnell, he heard all about it from Rush Limbaugh and the other talk show followers.  Rush asked the big question:  "So Karl, where is the big tent when Christine is the candidate?"  No answer from Rove.

That was not the most interesting comment.  The fascinating, subtle, line from Rove on Fox News was:  "Sarah Palin and I were on the same side in New Hampshire."  He said it over and over again.  Karl Rove trying to get behind Sarah's skirt.  This is what obsolescence looks like real time.  Modify.

Obsolete.  We need to consider that word.  It does not mean "I didn't get it right."  It means, I cannot get it right because I am not part of what is going on.  I cannot see what is around the next corner, well, because I have never been on this street before.

For people like Rove, this is terrifying.  There is no real job waiting in industry.  There will never be another presidential campaign.  If the world is moving to a dynamic where people see you as OBSOLETE, you do not remain a long term Fox "contributor."

Obsolete is the new "O" word.  It applies to Obama and the liberal big spending paradigm.  And it is over.

No more "we are better because we spend more, but more slowly."  Sorry Karl, but you better find a new line of work because nobody takes you seriously any more.

And Obama, you are next.