Public Nuisance at the New York Times

I have refrained from bashing Paul Krugman of the NY Times. Indeed, I barely mention him because I found him embarrassing to be included in the economics profession. He has become such a Public Nuisance,appearing in print and on TV expounding his particular brand of nonsense, that it is difficult to ignore this political opportunist any longer.Mr. Krugman is an accredited economist, having won a Nobel Prize ostensibly for his work in that field. However, he is less an economist than a political hack supporting whatever liberal idea is currently in fashion. Mr. Krugman's work is in the public domain and easily accessible. It shows a chameleon-like form of economics, adjusting positions depending upon whether the economic policy or program was instituted by a "good" politician or a "bad" one. Good or bad economics can only be determined via objective reasoning. This valuation is independent of the pedigree of its promoter.In today's internet world Mr. Krugman is...(Read Full Post)