Placing the Mosque on the Other Foot

The left's sudden willingness to defend religious liberty at the ground zero mosque, a freedom for which they have great disdain under most circumstances, is startling. What if the controversy surrounded a different house of worship, at a different site? Would the left and their media allies be so supportive of religious freedom then? Doubtful.Enter Matthew Shepard, the homosexual man who was robbed, beaten and tied to a fence outside Laramie, Wyoming in October, 1998. He died a few days later, becoming a symbol of homophobia and a rallying cry for gay activists. The fact that money and drugs, not homosexuality, motivated Shepard's murderers didn't matter. He remained a focal point for gay activists . . . and a target for Fred Phelps.Phelps leads the Westboro Church in Topeka, Kansas. He and his group are infamous for protesting funerals and carrying "God hates fags" signs. Now suppose Phelps and his congregation decided to construct a church--under the guise of building a...(Read Full Post)