Obama says no to solar panels on White House

Although Barry ‘Green' tours the nation singing smooth soulful love songs about renewable energy, back at his exclusive D.C. pad there will be no roof-top solar panels . The Guardian reports that a group of environmental activists led by front man and 350.org founder Bill McKibben drove their bio-diesel van to Barry's White House to make a personal request of the environmental songsmith. McKibben and his group asked their leader to re-install solar panels on the executive mansion's roof and not just any panels, but the very ones that were placed there by Jimmy Carter in 1979.The actual Carter-era solar panels-which weigh in at 55 kilograms and are nearly 2 metres long-are out-dated now. But campaigners had hoped that the White House would embrace at least the symbolism of going solar-much like Michelle Obama kicked off her healthy food movement by planting a vegetable garden. The solar panels were introduced during a roof-top press conference by Jimmy Carter to promote energy...(Read Full Post)