Obama: Mr. Unpopular? - It's the People's Fault!

In Time Magazine this week, Michael Sherer examines "How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular". Could it possibly be due to a string of broken promises and lies? Unprecedented spending? Government overreach? The ramming through of unpopular legislation? Nope - it's all the people's fault.... trust in the federal government was at a historic low, dropping to around 25%, where it still remains. Yet Obama has offered government as the primary solution to most of the nation's woes, calling for big new investments in health care, education, infrastructure and energy. Some voters bucked at the incongruity, repeatedly telling pollsters that even programs that have clearly helped the economy, like the $787 billion stimulus, did no such thing. Yes that's right: Obama has called for "investments" and programs that have "clearly helped the economy."  But those people, ungrateful lot, just cannot get past their perceived "incongruity." Come on people,...(Read Full Post)