Obama brags about how hard he works in Labor Day speech

From his speech over the weekend where he once again lambasted Republicans with a metaphor that is as dull and wrong as it is tiresome: They drove our economy into a ditch. And we got in there and put on our boots and we pushed and we shoved. And we were sweating and these guys were standing, watching us and sipping on a SlurpeeHey, Barack, first of all-that Affordable Housing mania that you and your fellow left-wing Democrats pushed was a primary factor behind the collapse of the economy. Bush and the Republicans tried and failed to get a handle on what Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were doing and you and Democrats (such as Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd) put a roadblock up to stop those efforts (there is a road analogy for you).Secondly, America doesn't see you sweating much-unless those muggy Washington days are getting to you out on the links or you have a tough game on the court. How much sweating have you done during your numerous vacations and musical soirees in the East Room...(Read Full Post)