New records show DoJ lied about Black Panther Party case

Former Department of Justice attorney in the Voting Rights section J. Christian Adams has been blowing the whistle on the department for months regarding their lax enforcement of voting rights for any case other than those involving blacks as victims.Today at PJ Media, he reports that Judicial Watch has unearthed a bombshell: Proof that it was political appointees and not career civil servants, as DoJ has been insisting, who scuttled the Black Panther Party voting rights case:Judicial Watch made an explosive announcement today about the Justice Department's stonewalling in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case dismissal. Forced to bring a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after DOJ rebuffed its public records request (so much for transparency), Judicial Watch obtained a privilege log from the DOJ last week.It shows - in a rather dramatic way - that the DOJ has been untruthful about who was involved in the dismissal of the case.In July, I complied with a subpoena and...(Read Full Post)