Memo to Dems; stop worrying

In recent weeks, there have been a lot of stories popping up in newspapers, on TV, and on the Internet telling us that the Dems are in a deep funk over their election prospects in November. Words and phrases like "panic," "gloom," "despair," Dems distancing themselves from Obama," "Dems not running on legislative successes," "Dems avoiding campaigning on Obamacare," "Dems slide in the polls,"etc, are sprinkled throughout.In other words they are running like scalded dogs from everything Obama. (Oops! There's that dog metaphor again.) Sorry.Well, there is some good news out there for them; all they have to do is refer back to last January when Obama reassured Representative Marion Berry (D-Arkansas), when Berry expressed fears of a repeat of the 1994 shellacking of Dems in that election.From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in January of this year (via Politico )Berry recounted meetings with White House officials,...(Read Full Post)