Medical Marijuana and Peer Review Science

Scientific study finds modest but significant reduction in nerve pain by those who use medical marijuana! (Full paper here.) The advocates of medical pot have been desperately hoping for years that science could prove what they just “know.” So with this first proof of the efficacy of lighting up, media outlets across the land lit up with the proof! Here are the relevant bits: published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (“Medical knowledge that matters”). But how unbiased is the CMAJ? A Google search on “medical marijuana Canadian Medical Association Journal” turns up numerous articles going back to 2001 advocating for medical marijuana. In fact, that advocacy was a major cause for the sacking of the editor in 2006. So is the CMAJ’s role one of reporter or advocate? Anyhow, the CMAJ is peer reviewed. Check that box! The current study was conducted by researchers who “used a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled,...(Read Full Post)