It's Not Just a New York Issue

Tuesday is the Albuquerque Journal's day to present the weekly accumulated letters to the editor with the left page of the two-page op-ed section devoted to the topic du jour, which this week, was the Muslim mosque at Ground Zero. Since Albuquerque is a minority/majority municipality and the home of the University of New Mexico, reader feedback tends to lean to the left. Add to that the  influence of two liberal, front-page columnists, Winthrop Quigley, (and no, he bears absolutely no resemblance to Tom Selleck) and Leslie Linthicum, two aging hippies who've never gotten beyond their liberal arts college years and you see the ABQ Journal reflecting the conventional media wisdom that the majority of America is a bunch of unwashed, uneducated, knuckle-dragging rubes because we just happen to take offense at the insensitivity displayed by those hyper-aggressive Muslims who would erect a mosque on the site of America's greatest national trauma. There are two other letters in...(Read Full Post)