It's Not Just a New York Issue

Tuesday is the Albuquerque Journal's day to present the weekly accumulated letters to the editor with the left page of the two-page op-ed section devoted to the topic du jour, which this week, was the Muslim mosque at Ground Zero. Since Albuquerque is a minority/majority municipality and the home of the University of New Mexico, reader feedback tends to lean to the left. Add to that the  influence of two liberal, front-page columnists, Winthrop Quigley, (and no, he bears absolutely no resemblance to Tom Selleck) and Leslie Linthicum, two aging hippies who've never gotten beyond their liberal arts college years and you see the ABQ Journal reflecting the conventional media wisdom that the majority of America is a bunch of unwashed, uneducated, knuckle-dragging rubes because we just happen to take offense at the insensitivity displayed by those hyper-aggressive Muslims who would erect a mosque on the site of America's greatest national trauma.

There are two other letters in that same newspaper, which demonstrate the huge divide between conservatives and liberals. Here's the liberal view:

Polls asking if a person believes that Obama is a Muslim, secret or otherwise, should have two questions. I believe the results would be this: 20 percent of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim and 80 percent of Americans believe that 20 percent of Americans are idiots.*

Another writer demonstrating substantially more wisdom and tolerance towards his detractors wrote to the effect that he was in favor of building the disputed mosque at Ground Zero immediately following the construction of a, "Magnificent, 13-story grand Christian tabernacle praising God," in Mecca.

As these newspaper comments indicate, those in the New Mexico congressional delegation who have blown off  the Ground Zero Mosque as merely a New York issue are as out of tune with their constituents as the rest of the Democrat party. They march in lock-step with Obama and the path of their march looks increasingly as though it's heading off a cliff. Unfortunately, our two liberal Dem Senators aren't up for re-election or they most likely would get swept aside by the coming American Tsunami.

*Direct quotes from the ABQ Journal can only be confirmed through a subscription site which I refuse to purchase.

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