Inside the mind of an American apologist

Foster Kamer has an interesting blog post on the Ground Zero Mosque at the Village Voice. It's an enlightening journey into the mindset that thinks building a mosque within spitting distance of Ground Zero signifies tolerance and outreach. Kamer also proves that Regressives can't present an argument without an expletive-laced tirade intended to cow their opponents into silence.Kamer argues that you're a fool if you oppose the Ground Zero Mosque because the mosque isn't sitting on the World Trade Center site. He concludes with this intellectual masterpiece: "But now you have a map to see how wrong you are, okay? Now: F**k you. F**k you and shut up, you a**holes. Shut up and leave New Yor(k) alone."Admittedly, Kamer's article raised some interesting points. Americans have squabbled childishly over what should be done at the World Trade Center site to properly memorialize the dead. And there are adult establishments, fast food restaurants and other businesses that add nothing...(Read Full Post)