Inside the mind of an American apologist

Foster Kamer has an interesting blog post on the Ground Zero Mosque at the Village Voice. It's an enlightening journey into the mindset that thinks building a mosque within spitting distance of Ground Zero signifies tolerance and outreach. Kamer also proves that Regressives can't present an argument without an expletive-laced tirade intended to cow their opponents into silence.

Kamer argues that you're a fool if you oppose the Ground Zero Mosque because the mosque isn't sitting on the World Trade Center site. He concludes with this intellectual masterpiece: "But now you have a map to see how wrong you are, okay? Now: F**k you. F**k you and shut up, you a**holes. Shut up and leave New Yor(k) alone."

Admittedly, Kamer's article raised some interesting points. Americans have squabbled childishly over what should be done at the World Trade Center site to properly memorialize the dead. And there are adult establishments, fast food restaurants and other businesses that add nothing to the solemnity of the location. However, three key truths waylay Kamer's claims.

First, such businesses existed in and around the WTC before 9/11. Second, let it be remembered that topless dancers, wholesale jewelers, street vendors and Burger King cooks didn't fly aircraft into the Twin Towers. Third, the people who died at Ground Zero weren't defending religious freedom, as Kamer alleges. They weren't defending anything; they simply went to work and died at the hands of assassins who considered them infidels.

Kamer says that Muslims, also, were killed on 9/11. Has anyone claimed otherwise? There were at least 18 Muslims killed, as I recall. What's more, among those who died in those skyscrapers, the Pentagon and Flight 92 were likely Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Wiccans, agnostics, atheists and a Satanist or two. What's the point? Adherents to these beliefs weren't represented on "the Muslim street" following 9/11-firing celebratory bursts from their AK-47s-now were they?

Sorry Village Voice, your writer's argument is empty. No one has claimed that the mosque in question sits on the actual site of the Twin Towers. But the Park 51 area is a part of the site, a place where debris from the WTC reigned on innocent people. Therefore, if Imam Rauf were actually interested in "healing" and "building bridges" he would've planned his project in another NY location, which he has admitted . Yet, he says he can't change plans now or Islam will be offended, which raises more questions.

Hasn't Imam Rauf now confessed to the radical hatred within the religion he teaches? Hasn't he said that his Islamic brethren can't be trusted to behave civilly? Yes, he has admitted just that, and with clarity that can't be misinterpreted.

Funny, too, how the Village Voice writer claims to defend religious freedom and yet tells everyone with a different view to "shut the f**k up," as the previous quote indicates. Where is his appreciation and respect for free speech? Where is his tolerance? I will defend religious freedom until it's used to attack our nation, culture and civilization, or to kill our people. At that point the tolerance ends. There is no more.

I will also defend Foster Kamer's ability to speak freely and convey the opinions he wishes. But I'll admit that my reasons are selfish. Foster must speak because the best thing to do with fools is let them have the stage. They will invariably prove their lack of worth.

Anthony W. Hager has authored more than 250 articles for various newspapers, periodicals and websites. Contact him via his website,