IG report fingers NOAA law enforcement abuses

American Thinker ran my essay on NOAA’s law enforcement behaving badly at a fortuitous moment.  It coincided with two other closely related events, the release of the Department of Commerce (DOC) Inspector General’s final report and a meeting between DOC Secretary Gary Locke and a Congressional delegation from Massachusetts. The IG’s final report focused on specific cases of NOAA law enforcement abuses and concluded that there was credible evidence of wrongdoing among the law enforcement personnel of the NOAA fisheries management.  The report can be considered a vindication for the fishermen, but it, in itself, is not a victory.  The onerous regulations, the restrictive allocations, and the suspect science still remain. NOAA had previously stated that they took the IG reports on management deficiencies seriously and were looking forward, not backwards.  This translated into no plans for disciplining the overly zealous enforcers and no plans for...(Read Full Post)