Harry Reid: Senator Gillibrand is 'hot'

Let me understand something: as a woman I'm supposed to prefer Democrats because they're the party that appreciates women as people, understanding their needs while Republicans objectify women, appreciating them only for their looks. So this Politico report by Margie Haberman is confusing.

Reid calls Gillibrand the 'hottest' member at fundraiser

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had an unusual form of praise for New York's junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this morning at the fundraiser Mayor Bloomberg hosted for him at his townhouse - referring to her as "the hottest member" as she sat just a few feet away, according to three sources.

And how did Gillibrand react to this compliment from her fellow Democrat?

The comment prompted Gillibrand to turn red, according to the sources, and created a bit of stir among the small crowd there.

Proving he appreciates her brains as well, he praised her knowledge of securities law.

Gillibrand has been profiled repeatedly for her post-second baby weight loss, and how she achieved it. She also made The Hill's "Most Beautiful" list.

Beauty and brains! And the ability to lose weight after giving birth. In a female Democrat!

Reid's opponent, Sharron Angle (R) is also attractive. Hot maybe. Is that why Reid singled out Gillibrand, declaring Democratic women are lookers also?