FBI searches anti-war protestors homes on 'terror warrant'

The FBI searched the homes of anti-war protestors in Minneapolis and Illinois yesterday on a "terror warrant."What is significant is that the authorities were looking for documents and other evidence that would show these people gave support to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hezb'allah, and the Colombian terrorist rebels in FARC.From the Strib: The FBI raided the Minneapolis homes of five antiwar activists, including three leaders of the Twin Cities peace movement, Friday morning as part of what it called a probe of "activities concerning the material support of terrorism." The Minneapolis office of an antiwar organization was also raided, protest leaders said. No one was arrested in any of the raids. FBI spokesman Steve Warfield said the searches were conducted at about 7 a.m. Lawyers said the agents seized computers, cell phones and documents in the protesters' homes.Many hard core leftists refuse to acknowledge any of those groups are...(Read Full Post)