Chris Coons and his support for Black Liberation Theology

While the ruling class media have been busy casting slurs, slanders and snide comments about Christine O'Donnell, Jeffrey Lord over at American Spectator has been busy unearthing some rather interesting background on Harry Reid's pet senatorial candidate, Chris Coons.

In a brilliant piece of writing and detective work, Mr. Lord has traced a rather involved series of links from Mr. Coons' junior year of college abroad in Africa, and his marked change in political views, to the Black Liberation Theology movement in South Africa, and ultimately to Trinity UCC Church in Chicago, home of one Jeremiah Wright and our sitting President.

The Spectator article begins by asking just what was it that Mr. Coons encountered on his African sabbatical that changed him , as Politico describes it, from a "proud founding member of the Amherst College Republicans" to the "Bearded Marxist" he wrote about on his return from abroad.

The answer appears to be that during his travels Coons did "volunteer work" for the South African Council of Churches (SACC), which includes a think tank called the Institute for Contextual Theology, which in turn promotes Liberation Theology:

So what was SACC up to in this period when Chris Coons crossed the Atlantic to South Africa and Kenya to "volunteer" and do "relief work"? What was SACC doing that Chris Coons seems not to want to discuss on his website? Or that leaves the Washington Post and the New York Times so incurious?...

...there was something else going on in South Africa with those who believed in James Cone's Black Liberation Theology that had nothing at all to do with an agenda of freedom for South African blacks...

...Yes indeed. Liberation theology. The Marxism-as-Christianity umbrella philosophy...

The article goes on at length to trace writings by South African theologians to a September 16th book signing for Preaching with Sacred Fire: An Anthology of African American Sermons, 1750-present, held at, of all places, Trinity UCC Church in Chicago.

Citing the litany of radical actions, appointments and legislation imposed by the Obama government, the Spectator column goes on to observe:

America is right this minute in the tightening grip of "liberation theology" -- exactly the philosophy that Delaware's Chris Coons was so anxious to go to Africa and serve as a volunteer.

On a sourcing note, while Mr. Lord's article links Mr. Coons' Kenya trip to the South African Council of Churches through a Wikipedia reference, the SACC reference appears right on the Chris Coons campaign web site, as well as in a article and elsewhere .

The Spectator article is a long one, but well worth reading to get the full flavor of a significant chapter in the life and ideology of candidate Coons.  The article concludes

Chris Coons wants to be the newest addition to the liberation theology zealotry in Washington -- and the people of Delaware are supposed to be the passive yokels who agree to put him there. Even as they are losing their jobs, their homes and their entire hard won way of life because of the very philosophy Coons traveled thousands of miles to Africa to support.

So, while the media mob mentality does everything possible to denigrate and disparage Christine O'Donnell, they have been "silent on a stunning revelation that could prove uniquely fatal to Chris Coons' Senate candidacy," as the Washington Times quotes Mr. Lord.