Palin, O'Donnell and the Gladiator Games

Throughout the ages, the elites of virtually every civilization have sought entertainment at the expense of the lives of animals and human beings.  Whether it was the gladiator games in Rome, or the blood lust of the Aztecs, or countless other examples, all were centered on the dark side of human nature, which seems to enjoy watching the pain and suffering of others.

Modern American society, rather than reveling in the actual spectacle of death and torture, has substituted the blood and gore of the movies, video games and television to satisfy this same sinister side of man.  However the political elites, while hypocritically decrying the violence portrayed by today's entertainment industry and financially benefiting from it, choose to throw into the coliseum for their recreation certain individuals foolish enough to attempt to crash the gates of the ruling class.

Sarah Palin and now Christine O'Donnell are the latest to be paraded out for the amusement of the American aristocracy.  Once in the ring, any accusation true or false, any out-of-context statement from birth to the present, any slander, any snide comment on their physical appearance or clothing and any civility toward them or their family is fair game.  The process once begun takes on a life of its own and the mob mentality akin the Reign of Terror in France surfaces among those that hold themselves above such human frailty.

The objective is to inflict a thousand cuts and watch the lives and careers of those designated for the games to be destroyed never to again appear on the national stage and to send a clear message that entrance into the governing class is to be only on the terms of those who meet certain criteria.

However, (as the wise sage once said) timing is everything and the masses, having seen and more notably experienced the debacle the current ruling class has created, is no longer willing to allow this spectacle to take place. 

While many in today's self-described elites do not fully comprehend what is going on around them, as they continue to go about their insular lives and within their circle of like-minded fellow travelers, they will, too late, realize that the masses have turned on them.

Perhaps it will not be Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell or hundreds of others subject to the calumny of the ruling class today that will change the course of the country.  But it is clear that this is the beginning of the end of this kind of governance and the disdain for the citizens of the United States.