Angry voters want to take it out on Democrats at record levels

Wasn't Barack Obama supposed to unite us? Wasn't his speech at the Democratic National Convention a declaration that he did not see us as a "Blue America" or a "Red America" but as the United States of America? Fine words..but in the end just words as Obama might phrase it. Now he and other Democrats will have to live with his handiwork: an enraged citizenry eager to take out their justifiable anger on those who led us into this morass: the Democrats.From the folks at Gallup: The 44% of Republican voters who say they are voting more against the Democratic candidate exceeds the level of negative voting against the incumbent party that Gallup measured in the 1994 and 2006 elections, when party control shifted (from the Democrats to the Republicans after the 1994 elections and from the Republicans to the Democrats after the 2006 elections).In the fall of 1994, just prior to that year's elections, 34% of Republican voters said they were voting against the Democratic...(Read Full Post)