A Nobel Prize winning idea

I know nothing of economics, can't even balance my own checkbook. But for what I am about to propose , consideration for the Nobel Prize should not be out of the question. Think about it. Paul Krugman won. His contribution to the field , as far as I can tell, is pretty much : the government can never tax too much, nor spend too much. That's worked well. But give him credit for persistence, and never having to say "I'm sorry, I was wrong." Then there are the recent winners--Carter, Gore, Arafat, and taaa dummm.... Barack himself. The Prize is devaluing quicker than our dollar.Anyway, my proposal: the Callaghan Curve. As I previously stated, I know nothing of the dismal science, but I do know something of human physiology. Arthur Laffer has given us the Laffer curve, which we conservatives have hung our hats on since Reagan. And I may add, we and the Country have done quite well with it . Now our liberal/progressive buddies are yapping about how great things were in the...(Read Full Post)